Rescue Game

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  • Meeblings Meeblings 11240 plays Help the Meeblings! Use the Meeblings special abilities to rescue as many as possible each level. Explore the Meeblings' world in all 50 fun filled levels. Play Ninja Kiwi's fun free Meeblings game now!
  • Code Cracker Code Cracker 11133 plays The farmer has been kidnapped by the evil rat dentist! Help courage save him by cracking the door codes. Courage knows tha code, but can't reach the control panel, so he is going to have to give you clues to help you work out which buttons to press, If you get them all right you will rescue the farmer again.
  • Nick Toldy Nick Toldy 11058 plays A chivalrous tale of dragon-slaying, princess-rescuing, and applying for a knight permits. Nick Toldy wants to slay a dragon, rescue a princess, and live happily ever after—but first things first: paperwork and problem solving.
  • Emergency Response Unit Emergency Response Unit 9981 plays Help the Red Cross' Emergency Response Unit (ERU) complete their humanitarian missions by delivering aid using trucks, planes, and choppers! Create a base camp and then get ready to help tackle disease, starvation and more in this fun strategy game!
  • Cyber Mice Party 2 Cyber Mice Party 2 9694 plays Guide them to the cheese wheel. Make sure they don't all get hurt by mouse traps or sucked into holes!
  • Chip and Dale Rescue Ranger Chip and Dale Rescue Ranger 9302 plays Squirrel Chip and Dale are taking an adventure to rescue Rangers. Help them to overcome difficulties and win the battle!
  • Spongebob Adventure Y8 Spongebob Adventure Y8 9076 plays Play as Spongebob in this adventure game. Try not to be killed by the many enemies.
  • Pops Gun Pops Gun 8627 plays In this game you're a boy who's running away from some people for some reason. You've got you dad's gun and now you need to use it to protect yourself.
  • S O S S O S 8403 plays Save the victims marooned in the sea.
  • Irene Hurricane Mission Rescue Irene Hurricane Mission Rescue 8134 plays Rescue people and other animals from the destructive flood caused by the Irene hurricane. They are standing on the elevated surface, pull them up and save their life. Save them before the water level increases before they get drowned. Earn score by saving more lives or else you may lose the game.
  • Hostel Part 2 The Killing Floor Hostel Part 2 The Killing Floor 8055 plays Kill the guards and the elite Hunters and save as many victims as you can before they are slaughtered. When you're done, find the elevator and get the hell out.
  • Attack of the Big Green Munchy Things Attack of the Big Green Munchy Things 8018 plays Rescue your crew from the big green munchy thing by drawing lines to direct your saucer towards them.
  • Batmans Ultimate Rescue Batmans Ultimate Rescue 8016 plays Batman's fellow crime fighters have been captured ! Swoop down at Bat speed and rescue them!
  • Zoo Escape Game Zoo Escape Game 7938 plays Take the animals to gate of freedom.
  • Battle Field Game Battle Field Game 7815 plays Hide behind structures and peek out as you blast baddies and rescue hostages to win levels.
  • Lemmings Returns Lite Lemmings Returns Lite 7637 plays Lots of original Lemmings levels played by drawing pathways to allow the lemmings to reach the exit.
  • Gibbets 2 Gibbets 2 7564 plays Be on target in this thrilling gravity adventure puzzler where your marksmanship skills are put to the ultimate test as you must save your friends from a slow painful death by shooting the ropes from around their neck!
  • Kittens Kittens 7115 plays Help kittens get in proper places.
  • Toto's Animal Rescue Toto's Animal Rescue 6918 plays Help Toto catch all the falling animal babies and deliver them safely home to their mothers.
  • Penguins of Madagascar Private Panic Penguins of Madagascar Private Panic 6776 plays Oh no! Mort is in trouble, and Private is the only one who can save him!
  • Penguin Salvage Penguin Salvage 6733 plays Rescue the other penguins from the frozen state by shooting the fireballs.
  • The Haunted World of Scooby Doo The Ghosts of the West The Haunted World of Scooby Doo The Ghosts of the West 6585 plays Catch the Cowboy to rescue velma!
  • Lifebuoy Lifebuoy 6252 plays Catch jumping passengers into lifebuoys and make their way to the nearest shore.
  • I, Lifesaver I, Lifesaver 6161 plays Help the girl that fell into the water and take the lifesaver to her before she drowns. Interact with the elements and be careful with your moves.
  • The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 6135 plays UPDATED: Now with 100% more music, trophy, and pants color-changing goodness! It's World 2. Have fun!
  • Popeye Time Attack Popeye Time Attack 5982 plays Brutus had kidnapped Olive, You gotta bring her back! Now Let's move!
  • iMashine iMashine 5973 plays Shoot the robots and grab money symbols as you prevent them from killing the hostage.
  • Rescue from Meteorite Rescue from Meteorite 5878 plays Action Game where you have to destroy meteorites and enemy spaceships. There are several missions: Rescue people, escort a ship with refugees, avoid alien invasion, and of course, destroy everything!

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